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  • About Me

    Certified Rolfer®
    Certified Zero Balancing® practicioner
    Certified Yoga teacher

  • About Me

Over the years, I’ve experienced that getting closer to my body brings me closer to who I am. Embodying my body makes me feel safer and brings a sense of inner calm.

This path began with my Yoga training that showed me how to pay attention and listen to my body, I became more aware of my breathing and its relationship with movement. Yoga was an opportunity to explore how to find the balance between steadiness and ease (sthira-sukha). The journey continued with Zero Balancing, a space of safety to experience the sense of being back in touch with myself.

The unique perspective of Rolfing® not only influenced and enriched my approach to Yoga, Zero Balancing and sports practice, but gave me a new insight into how we orient in this world, how this influences our perception, and where we find support to approach our life experiences.

I am also passionate about education, from Latin educere (to bring out something potential or latent, to evoke). I started my career as a maths teacher at school and university. Life took me to a career change few years later and I’ve worked in the financial sector the last few years while, in parallel, I continued this journey of reconnecting with the wisdom of my body.

My mission is to combine together my passion for education with bodywork, yoga and movement education, to offer a safe environment and create a learning space for exploration, free of rules and judgement to help people to reconnect with the wisdom of their bodies. 


Certified Rolfer ®
Accredited by the European Rolfing® Association

Certified Zero Balancing practitioner
Accredited by Zero Balancing Spain

Certified Yoga Teacher
Accredited by the Spanish Association of Yoga Practitioners member
of the European Union of Yoga

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Telecommunications Engineering

Master education and e-learning

Eva Rovira Rolfing Zero Balancing Yoga Barcelona
“Being able to move freely is not about range of motion
it´s about ease of movement”
Bonnie Bainbridge

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