• Rolfing® Structural Integration

  • Rolfing® Structural Integration

Rolfing® Structural Integration (SI) is a system of manual therapy (soft tissue manipulation) and movement education that supports physical and emotional wellbeing by helping the body intelligence to emerge.

Rolfing helps align and balance the body structure with gravity and prepares the body to be able to accept the gravitational field for support. Why is the relationship with gravity important? Dr. Ida P. Rolf discoverd that gravity, as an organizing element, is uniquely important for body structure, movement coordination, spatial perception and human expression.

Manual Therapy – Body structure

Over time, injury, trauma, lack of movement or repetitive patterns can cause chronic restrictions in the tissue. The Rolfing approach to neuromyofascial tissue manipulation helps to not only

  • Reduce adhesions, improve glide between layers and hydrate the tissue, but also to
  • Refresh and revive body maps so the brain can make better choices

Movement education - Function

The work with perception and orientation evoke changes in coordination, not by doing but by allowing movement emerge from within.

The benefits


Improved posture and alignment
Reduction of chronic pain and tension
Increased balance and flexibility
Improve sports performance

and function

Greater ease of movement
More freedoom in breathing
Open full potentinal for action and expression
Increased capacity to adapt broadly
Achieve better function as a whole

Perception and expression

Greater body awareness
Better orientation to ground and space
Helps reduce stress

What To Expect

Rolfing usually takes place over 10 sessions. Each session has a specific aim and it is build upon the previous to create support for the next session.

  • A Rolfing session begins with a visual assessment of the client’s posture and movement patterns (breathing and walking)
  • During the manual work the client lies on a massage table
  • The session finishes with integration work than can include seated, standing, and/or walking explorations.

The sessions usually take place in underwear.

“We are creating space so that balance happens, we are not creating balance”
I.P. Rolf
“I’m not interested in fixing bits and pieces. I’m after a larger game: contributing to the evolution of human beings”
I.P. Rolf